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  • Our Trucks are Highly Sought in the Construction Industry
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About Truck Hire Kenya

Looking for tipper trucks for hire in Kenya for short, medium and long term truck rentals? You are in the right place. We have a wide selection of over 200 well maintained trucks for hire in our network. All you need to worry about is what you are loading onto the truck and where it is going.

The benefits of hiring a truck versus buying one are endless. One is that you save on high insurance cost, maintenance and license fees. You also dont have to worry about depreciation. There is also no misuse risks/unauthorised trips being taken in your vehicles. Our trucks are available for hire within a short notice.
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Our Rates are Ksh 20,000 per day. Client caters for fuel and Cess. Serious Clients Only, No Brokers!

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Tipper Trucks for Hire in Kenya

Building and construction industry is one of the key sectors that the Kenyan government has identified under its Big Agenda Four. This means that the players in the sector will enjoy certain subsidies from the government to undertake major building and construction works. To roll out projects require machines and equipment. We are a company in Kenya focusing on tipper trucks for hire in Kenya. We have tippers for hire in Kenya that we hire at affordable prices. We understand the fact that there are so many companies in the Kenyan market offering this service but we are an outstanding business due to our quality of service and because we offer our clients the best trucks.

We are in based in two major cities in Kenya. We have the best trucks for hire in Nairobi and its environs. We also have tippers for hire in Nairobi. Though we are expanding and will venture into the other major towns, currently we have trucks for hire in Mombasa. This is because the two cities are earmarked as centres for major construction projects and they are highly in need of tippers and trucks as part of machinery to carry out the projects. We also provide our services to the surrounding areas of these cities.

Genuine Tippers and Trucks for hire in Kenya

We are fully licensed by the relevant government agencies in Kenya and our services and products are of high quality and legal. We understand that there are so many dealers that have emerged in the Kenyan market offering trucks for hire but most of them are not licensed and clients may not get the best services. Our policy is to ensure that we strictly offer the best quality vehicles as per the industry set standards

High quality trucks and tippers

In terms of quality, our company is driven by the quality of trucks that we offer our clients. We ensure that we source the tippers from the best manufacturers of the world so that our clients get vehicles that provide them with a beyond satisfactory service. Our trucks are well maintained and are not likely to stall when a project I undertaken. Our policy is to ensure that the tippers are regularly serviced and repaired to make sure that they are of the best condition throughout the year. Our main interest is to see our customers receive a service that is beyond their expectations through our trucks. This is the reason why we don't compromise on the quality of trucks that we offer to clients.

Affordable Tippers for hire in Nairobi

Our trucks are offered at the best and affordable prices. Our vision is to ensure that our clients enjoy our services at rock bottom prices. We offer the tippers at different rates depending on the type of trucks that you want to hire. Unlike our rivals whose major aim is to make profit, our objective is to provide our customers with good quality vehicles at affordable prices. We real care for all our clients and we have tippers that will suit any clients depending on the job that they want to undertake. Our quotes are professionally done and services well captured with corresponding price. We ensure that the customer is our on what they are paying for and strive to prepare quotes that reflect this.

Friendly staff

Our staffs are friendly and ready to offer you a service that exceeds your expectation. We ensure that every employee of our company is well trained in customer care so that they handle our customers in a caring manner. We don't condone any employee who is rude to our clients. To further better our services, we encourage customers to offer us their feedback about our service and tell us where we should improve. Our aim is always striving to offer you truck hiring services that exceed what you expect. We are friendly, warm and helpful to all our clients.


Sometimes clients want to hear from our past customers about our services. We have a list of past clients and are ready to give to prospective buyers to call and get testimonies about our services. Because we know that our services are the best, we are not jittery on what the past clients will say. We understand that most of our competitors lack this list and if they have it, they are reluctant to offer it to the clients because of the poor services that they provide. They are cautious that if they provide the list to the prospective clients, their trucks may not be hired because of poor quality.

All our trucks and tippers are insured and our clients are well covered if there are any accidents. We have further insured our workers so that our clients do not compensate them if they get injured while undertaking their projects.

We are able to respond to clients' needs first and offer them our trucks in a timely manner. We have automated most of our systems and clients take less time to acquire our trucks and tippers. There is less paperwork involved as most of the contracts are done online. All these strategies are meant to ensure that our clients are served in a timely manner so that they don't waste their precious time.

We are listening and caring company and we are committed to offer the clients tippers and trucks that best meet their needs. We deal with all types of trucks and tippers and take time to listen to our customers so that we evaluate the trucks and tippers fitted for their project. We sometime go to the project site with a view of assessing what tipper will be suitable to that location. Our main interest is to provide services that suit our clients' needs.

The best service

If you are looking for trucks and tippers for hire in Kenya, contact us as we are the best in the market. We provide beyond satisfactory services to our clients. We are a caring and listening company and provide the best quality tippers and trucks from reputable manufacturers. If you care for good quality services and products, select us as we offer the best in the Kenyan market.