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About us

About Truck Hire Kenya

Fully aware of the Kenyan building and construction needs, we are a company that was formed to offer trucks and tippers on hiring basis. We are aware that some customers are only in need of tippers and trucks for a short time and don't have the desire to buy the vehicles because they might not need them when their projects are over. We deal with all types of customers ranging from individual to corporate level. We have the best trucks in Kenya which we hire at very affordable rates.

Our main vision is to see a transformed building and construction industry in Kenya through our offering of the best trucks and tips at very affordable rates. We understand how trucks are very essential in this industry and strive to offer the very best sourced from reputable manufacturers. We want our clients to enjoy our services when they are undertaking their projects.

We are an outstanding company in Kenya because we offer the best quality tippers that satisfy the client's needs. We always ensure that our tippers are well maintained and quickly repaired when need arises. Our objective is to offer our clients vehicles that are of the best condition so that they have a good experience with them. Unlike our rivals who are profit motivated, we are unique because we are inspired by the good services that we offer to our clients. Furthermore, most of our rivals offer trucks that are poorly serviced and customers get so frustrated because of the breakdowns that delay the progress of their projects. We always offer for hire well serviced and maintained vehicles.

We offer our tippers and trucks at very affordable and reasonable rates so that each of our clients accesses them when undertaking their projects. We have various types of trucks that meet the various needs of our clients and they are offered at different prices. Our quotes are done professionally and each service well captured so that the customer s aware on how their money has been spent.

Our services and trucks are meant to exceed the client expectations. We ensure that we possess trucks that are manufactured using the best techniques and technologies from renowned companies. This in turn ensures that our clients are able to have a memorable experience with our trucks and tippers. Our services are rated highly in this market.

We have highly trained staff who are understanding and caring and ready at any given time to offer the best quality services to our clients. We want our customers to have a memorable experience from the time they call us for inquiries to the time they hire our trucks. In case of any problems while they are using our trucks, we are ready to support the client.

We are licensed to offer our services in Kenya and customers are assured of hiring the best quality tippers that are offered at very reasonable rates. If you are looking for tippers to hire, we are the best in town.